Are there unconscious blockages from the past?

What's their deeper story?

One place for everything "family"
• Collect what is known about your forefathers
• Find distant lost relatives
• Co-plan reunions
• Keep track of challenges and achievements, aspirations and milestones
• Identify family patterns and growth opportunities
• Get structural support to strengthen family connections
Family of meerkats
A loving family is there for you, through thick and thin;
help your family be everything it can be.
Old letters
Get insights from your ancestors' experiences.
Here we compile old letters, pictures and stories,
and we interview the elderly, forming a lifetime of rich narratives.
We watch as we evolve over the generations,
and make sure we've actually learned our lessons.
Great ideas for uniting your family.
Would you keep it simple?
Have an adventure?
Check out our suggestions, organized by time and resources available, intentions, and more.

What we
work towards


Reconnecting. A little deeper.

In today’s hyperconnected world, we often lose touch with our common humanness. For close and extended family, are you aware of their current struggles and dreams? Have you been around to celebrate their achievements or support them during setbacks? Have they been there for you? That’s what family is for after all. Here’s to reconnecting.

Opening that door

Courageous conversations

To discuss family patterns is inherently difficult – considered by many a subject best avoided. How to reconsider that black sheep? Even if decades later, how to work through the anxiety, shame and generalized suffering created by sibling rivalries or disappointed parents? That closed heart has to open sooner or later, leaving no one out.


Capturing the deeper story

Few people, and still fewer families, get to really tell their story, the essence of who they are as human beings. But if we really want to see the global human family evolve, we must first descend to our oldest roots, see them for what they are, distilling lessons and identifying common patterns. It starts right here.

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Harmonizing ourselves with our immediate family is the key to healing the global family.